The HollyB is Back in the Water

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The HollyB was out of the water for repairs for about 19 months.
I still did not finish everything I wanted to but she is in much better shape than
she was before the dry-dock.
We rebuilt the deck and sub structure from amidships to the bow.
Added new ribs from amid-ships to the bow.
Added new pickets for the new bulwarks from amidships to the bow.
Removed all caulking on the hull and replaced it with cotton and BoatLife - PolySulfide.

Refastened the hull from amid-ships to the bow with Silicon Bronze Fasteners - approx 2,000 screws.

The new deck is 2 - 5 layers of marine ply graduating in thickness from amidships to the bow.
It is glued with west systems epoxy on every layer and silicon bronze screws.
There is about 3,000 screws in the new deck.
The new deck was then glassed with west systems epoxy and a 10 ounce bi-axial fiberglass.

Re-fiberglassed the stern.

Dropped the rudder added new bottom plate and new bolts, packing.
Repacked propeller shaft.
Four coats of bottom paint, the bottom two are blue, the top two coats are red.
Six coats of paint on the hull....Single Part Poly.

The Hull Sanded


Starboard Side Before Paint


First Coat of Paint Sides and Bottom


All Painted on the Cradle



Stern Shot of the fresh lady

 At her new temporary home in San Pedro .... waiting for her bulwarks to be completed.


That bow curve was one piece and hard to get !!


Getting a lot closer to a finished boat....


Before epoxying and fiber glassing...

Got the Epoxy on all the Seams and 1,000 screws.

Sanded the epoxy…


Another shot after sanding.. All West Systems Epoxy on this boat !!



The HollyB's new temporary home at twilight.


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