September 2000 - Latest Photos of the HollyB Rebuild

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I have been working on the bulwarks for quite some time now.

The bulwarks are the part of the boat that support the railing.  In this case, basically a wall.  Kind of like a wall that you would find in a home with vertical studs rising from the deck with fireblocks between them.., horizontal supports in this case, and then a top cap across all the vertical studs.  A Wall.

It then has plywood applied to both sides, kind of like how you would drywall a wall in a house.
It is then fiberglassed.  I used epoxy on my fiberglass.  I have 14 coats of epoxy, that is about 9 gallons.  

It should be pretty strong.

I am at the point now where I am going to make sure there is ample fiberglass from the new bulwarks where they meet, join the deck. After which, I will sand the whole thing smooth (at least I will try and get it smooth) and then I will paint it.

I have also added a small bulwarks to the stern of the boat.  I also cut out an area for a door so divers will have easy access.

The new bulwarks will have a nice railing made from African Ribbon Mahogany.

I will then add the same railing to the rear half of the boat but it will be supported by 2" stainless steel stanchions.

Here are the latest pictures of my progress on the HollyB as of Sept 15,2000.


Okay, here she is 3 years ago before I pulled her out of the water. 
A lot of rusted fasteners and in need of a paint job.


Then, we discovered bad wood from the bow to the middle part of the boat(admidships)
We ripped out the deck and the ribs and replaced them all.
We also replaced about a dozen planks on her hull.


We gutted the bunk room, since the deck comes through on the side walls of the bunkroom.
You can see that this is the top of the bunkroom (ceiling) and all the supports for decking around it.
I made the new supporting structure for the bunkroom ceiling much stronger with doubled 2x4's instead of just 1x3's.


New Decking in place...the bow area is 5 layers of 1/2" plywood, with epoxy and silicon bronze wood screws on each layer. It was then fiberglassed over with 2 layers of 10 ounce biaxial fiberglass and 4 coats of epoxy.  
The deck on the sides is 3 layers of 1/2" plywood layered with epoxy, screws and fiberglassed.
This is a very strong deck !


Finally, back in to the water.. the pickets sticking up for the new bulwarks....

The bulwarks before adding the plywood

The bulwarks after the Plywood...that bow piece is one solid piece of plywood... nice bend !!


To a bow shot of the fresh plywood.  I added very thick Aluminum plates to the
front area of the bow where the sides of the bulwarks meet for extra strength.


It may look a little rough, but you are viewing the wood through 13 coats of epoxy.
It is actually a completely smooth surface. When it is painted, you won't see anything but white.
Someday, I gotta get the white part of the hull smoothed out.


Here is the other side.. The name will go up on the new bulwarks when they are completed.
You can see, that I have not yet trimmed off the fiberglass at the bottom.


A shot of the starboard inside.  I have to still fill in and shape the scuppers.(drain areas for water to leave the deck and go overboard) 


A shot of the new stern bulwarks..The door will pull up and then you will set it aside.  The railing will then open up on a hinge and fold back. The door is about 2 1/2 feet in width.. that should be plenty of room.


A view looking towards the front half of the boat..I tried to make the bulwarks meld nicely into the existing old shorter bulwarks. The short bulwarks run around the entire rear of the boat and will have 2" stainless steel stanchions put in with mahogany railing on top at the same height as the front railing.


This is the bunkroom.. This is a future project.. It is tight, but I am going to get 6 bunks in here.
I will try and make them comfy for you guys and gals


Here are the old electrical panels, the 110v is on top and the 12v on the bottom.
I have just replaced both of these with brand new units and new breakers.
It is much nicer now.

New Electrical Panels Installed.


All that work makes me tired.  I just love this place at twilight.

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