Rebuilding/Maintenance of the HollyB

The HollyB was built in 1941. The boat was completely rebuilt in 1978 from admidships to the stern. This year we are rebuilding her from amidships to the bow. This involves removing all the side and forward decking and supporting structure. Rebuilding the wheelhouse, galley, and bunkroom.

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Before the Rebuild
Before the Rebuild at 22nd St Landing San Pedro , February 1998

During the Rebuild


During the Rebuild at the
Yamaha Boat Yard at Marina Del Rey



Deck Supporting Structure


We Replaced all Supporting Deck Structure from amidship
forward to the bow.




Inside Bunkroom

The Bunkroom was all rebuilt.

The new deck

The new deck - starboard side.



The new bow deck

The new bow deck.



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