The HollyB Story

The HollyB was built in 1941 in Seattle, Washington area.  She was used as a water taxi in the Seattle Washington area. 
 After a few years of service there, she was 
brought down to Los Angeles Harbor and converted into one of the First commercial dive boats
available for charter on the California coast.
The HollyB is 50 feet in length and 14 feet in width.
In the 1970's / 1980's it was used primarily for commercial SwordFishing and passenger charters..
It was not unusual for the HollyB to stay out over one week in search of its' game.


The HollyB is capable of multiple day fishing trips.

This is due to the HollyB carrying up to 800 gallons of diesel fuel which gives it a range of approximately 1500 miles.

Our bait tanks hold about 36 scoops of sardines, and even more of anchovies.

When the restorations are complete, the HollyB will sleep 9 people (6 passengers and 3 crew).
It also has a small full galley for the preparation of fresh food.
When restorations are complete, the HollyB will have one bathroom and one hot shower.



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